Welcome to the personal website of Prof. Dr Cecilia Åsberg, since 2008 founder and director of The Posthumanities Hub!

Affiliation: Professor of Gender, Nature, Culture at Linköping University, Sweden.


Cecilia Åsberg, Prof. Dr. Chair of Gender, Nature, Culture at Linköping University, recently Guest Professor at KTH Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm (2018-2021). Founder and Director of The Posthumanities Hub (www.posthumanitieshub.net) and Fellow of the Rachel Carson Centre at Ludvig Maximilian University in Munich. Recent publications:  “Environmental violence and postnatural oceans: Low trophic theory in the registers of feminist posthumanities”. 2021. With Marietta Radomska. In Gender, Violence and Affect. Eds. M. Husso, et al. Palgrave;  “A Sea Change in the Environmental Humanities” (2020) in Ecocene: Cappadocia Journal of Environmental Humanities; “Checking in with Deep Time” (2020) with Christina Fredengren, in Deterritorializing the Future (Open Humanities Press).

For more info on my research profile, see the section ‘About’; for recent updates – the section ‘News’; and for texts – the section ‘Publications’. If you have any questions or wish to discuss research subjects further, feel free to reach me via the ‘Contact’ section or my work email: cecilia.asberg[at]liu.se

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